All types of plastics

Experience and expertise

FettweisIn Ensival, on the outskirts of Verviers, Fettweis SPRL has been a leader in the plastics sector for half a century. Packaging has represented Fettweis core business since 1958 but it has been complemented by recycling for around ten years now.

With just one raw material but two complementary activities, Fettweis is the perfect example of usefully diversified specialisation.

Fettweis Emballage: standard and made-to-measure

Fettweis Emballage specialises in the industrial sector and works for different types of companies: used textiles and clothing, milling, textile industry, wholesale etc.

FettweisIts extensive range (box bags, saches, sheets, non cousus, bags, big bags, box bags with flap, flood bags, PE film, cling film, etc.) is complemented by tailor-made products made to meet even the most specific needs. Besides its large stock, Fettweis Emballage also has a sewing workshop which enables it to meet any request, even urgent and very specific ones.

Fettweis Recyclage: local and international

As a trailblazer in the field, Fettweis has also specialised in recycling flexible and rigid plastics. Fettweis is active both at local and at international level, offering collection, sorting and industrial crushing on site and also on commission. This range of activities enables it to support companies, collectivities, businesses and individuals.