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PE bag

Various possibilities both in dimensions and thickness.
Micro or macro perforated.
Pre-cut on roll or folded in carton boxes.
Transparent or coloured

PE bag 100 µ
PE bag 100 µ

PE Film

Low density (PEBD) or high density (PEHD)
Thickness from 30 µ to 200 µ.
Maximum width 8 m.
Micro or macro perforation
Available in sheet or folded or in tube.
Possibility of bags on rolls or sheets pre-cut
In colors or transparent

Plastic Bubble

The plastic bubble withstand shocks and absorb the blows. It is lightweight and protects your shipment.
Available with different diamater of bubbles and different widths.

Plastic Bubble
Plastic Bubble

Stretch film

A complete range to film all your pallets to your specific needs.
Manual or machine.
Transparent, white, black, blue ....

Stretch film transparent.
Stretch film transparent.